Saturday, October 3, 2009

after a while...

assalammualaikum to all readers... (mcm yer2 je ade yg nak tau pasal aku...)

hurmmm.. x tau nak start mcm ne... but.. after my last blogged, ive only answered all Q&A regarding mylife..

time really flies... skrg dh masuk oktober.. in few months.. a new year has come.. what did i achieved for this year...still thinking about it.. still wondering.. and i guess... i havent achieved anything for this year...

after the painful brokeup... even i try to let it go...slowly.. but after zuzu's skittles moment... its bang me alot.. thnx zuzu.. and i just realize i missed a lot of things.. bukan ape.. being a realistic person.. everything is everything..

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

tagged moment~~

hello peeps..

since my routine life in JB is the same all the way long.. so i guess after i gone through few comments.. i find out i havent answered few tagged so.. this is my answer enjoy reading folks!!!

this two was tagged by frid.. sorry frid for the late answer... but here there are...

1 tagged..

1. Snap pic wallet korang skang dalam dan luar.
2. Perkenalkan wallet anda, nama die, kat mana beli, berapa hinggit.
3. Keluarkan apa yg patut, snap puas2, minimun 5 (lima) k.
4. Snap wallet bersama empunya diri.
5. Tag plak 5 (lima) kenalan anda....

this is my lovely wallet.... still new.. i bought it a month ago.. kat the garden... i bought it at CK boutique.. kalau nak di ikutkan mase i kna tagged im having my zara wallet its a birthday gift from elina... tp tat wallet dh koyak... zara is not a good choice for long term wallet.. then i decide to bought new one.. cK - calvin klein... this wallet cost about RM200++ cant remember the cost.. but tat after sales laa.. before sales about RM800 kut...

my official as a Malaysian citizen

bank ATM & CC

the inside of the wallet

the money~~

foreign currencies

people that i love.....

taraaaaaaaaaa~~ ni laaa tuan punyer wallet~~

i nak tagged~~
i) zyfz
ii) eisz
iii) grafique

2 tagged by frid was....

************************1) do you think you're hot?****************

*********************2) upload ur favourite pictures of u****************

OK.. i guess enuff la kut.. kinda lupa diri plak nak upload fav pics..*bukan pe nak kasi tau im GORGEOUS kan... harus laaa any shoots pun favvy~~

*********************3)Why do you like that picture?*********************

**************4)When was the last time you ate pizza?*********************

hurmm i think last 2 months kut... mase lunch time kat office... semua malas nak makan nasi... yuck~~
so pegi dominos and makan bnyk giler!!!

**********************5)The last song you listened to?********************
Lady GaGa - Paparazzi

**************6)What are you doing right now besides this?*****************
breakfast....invigilate exam... 

**************7)What name would you prefer besides yours?****************
*banyak tp at this moment.. i guess this one kut..

8)Who is number 1?
9) Number 3 is?
10)Say something about number 5,
11)How about number 4?
12)Who is number 2?

untuk Q 8-9 malas nak tagged org lain... huhuhu

Sunday, May 3, 2009

travelling on sunday...

this me...

the bridal...

and again...

the colleague....

the trip....

hello peeps...
today i woke up very early and its sunday.... urrgghhhh!!! just to attend for my working colleague wedding reception in segamat..
at first it was a lazy morning to get up.. ye laaa sunday morning.. woke up at 7am.. wat do u expect.. such like normally 11am would fine.. hahahahaha..
after a while to get ready with my marc n spencer green boxes shirts which i bought with amir few weeks ago... plus my green pale codroi.. i hope i spelled it right.. and im ready to go!!!
well im not drove by myself anway.. so i heading to my frens house which suppose to know as convoi.. and i hope in to her car.. planning to sleep thru all the journey but i end up drove it from jb to segamat and segamat to jb.. hahahaha unexpected... as usuall.. need to stops few places and pick up and meeting sum others people.. we manage to arrive there arround 2pm.. and its bloody hot!!! freaking hot!!! yup im sweating like in the steam room~~~
well as the wheather is unexpectable.. obviously we can controlled it.. even the wheather forecast also giving a 90% possibilities... its still helps i guess...
the wedding gone well... as we reached the place.. without any hesitation me and other guys went to grabbed the plate and having our lunch... the menu was amazing.. but not taste so good.. just normal... well hungry of the little stomach.. the we waited for our big men.. so here i attached with some of the pics for the day..................................

Sunday, March 15, 2009

assalamualaikum to all readers...

first of all.. i would like to appologize for not updating this blog for a quite long... well actually am having a frustation period.. and i cant help myself... well for those who close to me.. i guess u guys know it... anyway.. NOYA2 moment dah lepas... i need to move on.. YES.. tats the important part...

for the past 4 months i experienced alot of things.. so i would like to share few things...

i did upgrade my rooms... which i did bought few things for my room.. such as LCD TV.. Hi-Fi... Mini Bar.. few stuffs from IKEA.. and others.. ill show some of the pictures in the next post..

now i feel soooo fcuking complete.. x laaa rasa bosan sgt... at least i can watch my fav DVDs.. plus listen to my fav songs... anyway... tak tau nak cakap pe.. huhuhu.. 

after the emotional breakdown moment.. i managed to collect all my puzzle and trying my best to figure back my magic*snap~~snap~~snap.. 

for those who really asking about my updates.. from today onwards.. insyallah.. ill committed myself with blogging.. hehehe.. i know.. its been a while x update.. but no worries k.. im back..

Sunday, January 4, 2009


HAppy new Year!!!!

welcome 2009................. 

while everyone is happily waiting the moment of 1st january 2009..... i was in the emotion breakdown moment... *sighhh..

i turn to single again.... i guess... since the person i quote as "M" never msg me or call me after our last meeting on xmast evening... its really hurting me.. i never tot its happened.. im confuse with all they way M treat me even we didnt have a good quality time.. probably i am stupid or desperate to be in love.. and again.. im falling apart... its really hurts me alot.. but i still missing M. M used to be my sun... the sun that shine my days.. 

through the process of engraving the saddness... this songs explain everything...

Warkah by Bau

Takkan lagi aku menunggu
kau hadir di dalam mimpi-mimpiku
puasku mengharapkan dirimu
seperti mereka yang punya cinta

Diriku tanpa dirimu
kau tempuhi penuh bahagia
diriku mahu kau tahu
pedih ini kau tak terasa

Warkahku mengharapkan dirimu
seperti yang aku kenali dulu
setiaku menantikan dirimu
seperti setianya terhadap diriku

Tapiku melepaskan mu
melangkah namun tak berdaya
terusku terus menunggu
cinta yang takkan pernah ada

its really gave me an impact but i guess.. to stand and wake up after the falls.. i think i managed to handle it.. the whole nite of new year.. my tears unstopping popping out... i guess.. i really love u M... nothing much i could say here... for the new year... nothing new for me.. it just same old brand new me....

Monday, November 24, 2008

1st TAGGED in 2...

this is me after being simpsonize... huhuhu... u guys can check it out and see hw r u look like in the world of yellowish peeps 
just click..

hello everyone... 

well since its been a while x update blog ni.. bukan pe.. am quit busy ngan centralized markin... and im really frustrated with my students achievement.. so far what i can conclude here.. they just need to work their ass HARDER!!! OMG.. seriously.. am totally disappointed with them... but anyway.. they have to repeat the paper.. plus i need to do the class also... gosh i cant apply for leave since my student sooooo brilliant..sighhhhhhhh.. anyway for the past whole week i was in The Residence@Uniten for centralize marking... starts from 8am until 1030pm.. (plus lunch, dinner, tea break skali laa) So.. bored to talk bout it.... nothing much...

anyway.. today baru bukak my blog and nampak one of my buddy just tagged me!!! not 1 but 2!!1 hello.... motip nak tagged aku sampai 2 skals.. pastu siap ngan instruction.. urrghhhh.. jenuh nak snappy!!!

ok here my 1st tagged... njoy readersssss..

this is my working shoes from beetlebugs.. the only pic with snap of my shoes since my 6288 nye cam is not working...

5 things bout 
red blood cells
5 Things In My Bag
1. My stupid Nokia 6288 
2. My ZARA wallet (thnx to elina.. need to look for new one now..)
3. My Perfume, Body spray, Lotion, Hair serum, etc
4. Malboro Freshmint
5. Amierul's keys

5 Things In My Wallet
1. Money 
2. MyCard and License
3. Semua atm card dan credit card 
4. Receipt shopping
5. polaroid picture of my farewell party at Delicious.. missing u guys

5 Favourite Things Dalam Bilik
1. Wardrobe 
2. My Perfumes collections
3. Lap top and broadband
4. water & choco.. oopppss
5. a picture frame by kazzie

5 Things yang Ingin Dilakukan
1. nak wat liposuction
2. owned the maple suites@sentul west
3. become a radio DJ, VJ, anchormen
4. my face all over the world
5. tekan
alt-ctrl-del bagi org2 yg aku rasa perlu dilenyap kan dalam ruang hidup aku
5 Things yang Sering Dilakukan
1. sleeping...
2. sunday is cleaning day!!
3. online.. surfing
4. shopping
5. nanges sorg2.. pasal lonely sgt2.....

Ok now my second tagged!!!~~sambil terkumat kumit mulot melafaz carotan kat frid..

this is one of my latest look~~
7 Fakta Tentang Saya 

7 fakta tentang saya :
1- im the virgin virgo.. 4ever...
2- dilahirkan pada 1 september 1981
3- dilahirkan di Kuala Lumpur
4- anak sulong dari 3 beradik
5- tall + huge = size zero
6- seorang yang 'friendly'
7- love to smile 
7 perkara menakutkan saya di dunia :
1- sangat takut kehilangan org-org tercinta (my family.. and....)
2- takut binatang2 dr kumpulan amfibia dan reptilia (geliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii)
3- takut menghadapi dunia tua...(bnyk kedut2.. uban.. x sukaaaaaaa)
4- takut kalau x sempat nak happy kan my family... (so many things a achieve)
5- takut in any force of nature..(taufan, earthquake, flood.. etc)
6- takut diri terlibat dalam kemalangan yang akan mengakibatkan kecacatan kekal (mintak2 dijauhkan laaa)
7- takut diri ini tidak layak di tempat kan golongan2 beriman (....................)
7 lagu buat masa skrg :
1- matahariku - agnes monica
2- molek - elyana
3- just dance - lady gaga
4- ayat-ayat cinta - rossa
5- lamset eid - nancy ajram
6- love story - taylor swift 
7- lizz wright - my heart
7 perkara selalu sebut :
3- NTAH…
4- E-YOLAH...
5- KOOSE...
6- ABIS TU..
7- ek...
7 perkara yang amat bernilai :
1- Nyawa 
2- Family
3- air@water
4- pancaindera ( my senses..)
5- My Car
6- My friends
7- Love
7 pertama kali dalam hidup saya :
1- i have my own car (2nd month after working for my 1st job)
2- 1st accident in jln puchong (blum sempat byr 1st payment lagi)
3- Far from home (sedeh..)
4- berbuka n bersahur sorg2 (this is my first year)
5- 1st experienced flight take off to jakarta in 2005
6- get to knw the real meaning of love... 
7- 1st time bought 4 perfumes in a single receipt... huhuhu
7 org bertuah menjawab tag ni :

1. eisz 
2. amir 
5. as
6. dzeng
7. zyfz

Penama-penama di atas silalah membuat tag untuk kedua-dua tag yang telah di tagged kepada saya. Sertakan gambar baju paling baru dibeli pada tag pertama dan sila sertakan gambar terbaru anda untuk tag kedua. 
Terima kasih.

Pesanan khas ini dibawakan oleh

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Hello everyone....

yup tonight is the night... after the whole mission tat i gone tru and obstacle (konon laaa) plus all the hard works... yay.. i finally managed to wear a good combination.. like i told in the previous post.. anyway ill talked about it later...

So... today JB weather nothing much different.. rain..rain..rain.. heavily~~ bosan.. nothing much can we do while the day is fill up with cold n cozy environment... which always leads me to SLEEP.. hehehe.. i just love to SLEEP.. anyway.. today while working hour.. nothing much.. except i need to attend few internal meetings... and giving talk on eco-training.. arrgghhh 

coming to evening around 4:45pm.. the rains getting heavier... gosh.. marty laaaaa nak tempuh jam bagai smua... i leave the place around 5:15pm.. since nak g CS utk mendapat kan vest jacket... yup.. i knw.. thatap nak vest gak.. bukan pe... self satisfaction.. tu jerk

so.. after a while in the traffic.. biasa laaa spore sibuk membanjiri JB since 2morow in saturday, i walked str8 to the store yg i tgk ade saiz 0 for me... hehehehe (jgn nak denial the fact occay!!) tanpa berfikir panjang coz masa berlalu dgn pantas... i terus grab this vest tanpa berpikir panjang even i x leh nak butang.. hehehe.. at least im happy... most important is my satisfaction... lantak laa pe org nak ckp!!! I GIGIH!!!! tats the fact...  pastu plan nak cari shirt lain.. tp pikir2 enough laa.. better search for the accessories... so i found rantai yg simple n its my picture of the design so i bought it.. and later i str8 going back to my condo... get prepared..dan ini lah hasilnyer.... 

hurmmm look good.. 

 tup tap tup tap.. dah 745pm.. dah laa i promised with my working colleague ill b reaching around 745pm.. marty laa lewat... terus aku memecut ke tempat yg dijanji kan... then we carpool to the hotel... we reached there around 815... majlis dh start dah.. siap tgh bacaan doa lagi... mase2 walk into the ballroom... kecoh satu hall.. ala2 ratapan anak tiri... hehehe.. yer laa.. bukan selalu diorg tgk the real me.. hehehehe.. plus ive got lucky no.."194" dpt bungkusan chocolate... smua org envy ngan aku.. hehehe.. yer laa.. they said that choco ni punyer prize bit expensive hehehe.. nway.. im always lucky... huhuhu...

while am enjoying myself with the dinner... i receive a message "lepas nie **** kena keje kt abu dhabi".. x ker ko mcm nak pitam... terussssssssssssssssssssssssssssss aku off mood... nak senyum x senyum.. smua nyer plastik..polystyrene... tanah liat smua lengkap... hurmmm ntah laa... terus x de mood nak update.. yang tak tahan nyer.. bukan sebulan dua tp 4-5 tahun.......... mcm ne nak lah menghadapi smua nih..... hmmmm.. klah ciao..